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Catering Marlborough


Canape' Selection & Bridal Baskets
  • Our selection of canape's is $4.00 + GST per person, per item

FREE bridal basket to take with you for photos

Gourmet Sandwich: 2 Squares Per Person
  •  Crust cut off, 2 tiered in squares

  • Bacon, egg and sun-dried tomato w' fresh cress

  • Chicken, celery and red onion w/ cream cheese and mayo

  • Lamb, cucumber, minted cream cheese w' fresh rocket

  • Egg, mayo, lettuce and cress

  • Ham, cheddar and chutney

  • Ribbon cucumber w' lemon herb butter

  • Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese w' fresh cress

  • Rare roast beef w' caramelized onion jam w' blue brie

  • Chicken, bacon and mushroom pate, softened brie w' beetroot relish

  • Caramelized onion, blue cheese, w' pear chutney (v)

  • Salmon tartar w' micro greens

  • Goat cheese, asparagus, w' pistachio & mint

  • Rosemary toasted tomatoes. ricotta & prosciutto

  • Italian garlic beans w' toasted capers & basil

  • Niçoise w’ tuna, egg & tomato

  • Guacamole w' smoked salmon

Open Tartlet/Filo Parcels: 2 Per Person
  • Three cheese and chive tart (v)

  • Roast pumpkin w' feta & garlic, topped with basil sour cream (v)

  • Zuccini and chickpea fritter w' cumin cream cheese (v)

  • Creamy leek and mushroom w' smoked cheddar

  • Asparagus, ham and chives

  • Caramelized onion and blue cheese tart

  • Ricotta and spinach w' toasted pinenuts

Fritters/Frittatas: 2 Per Person
  • Pumpkin, feta, sundried tomato fritter w' basil sour cream (v)(gf)

  • Zucchini and chickpea fritters w' cumin cream cheese (v)(gf)

  • Corn fritters w' bacon and blue cheese

  • Cajun quinoa fritters w' lemon and dill dip (v)(gf)

  • Zucchini fritters w' lemon, basil cashew cream (v)(gf)

Cocktail Meatballs: 2 Per Person, all GF and can be Assorted
  • Pork w' sweet and sour sauce

  • Thai beef w' chilli sauce

  • Chicken w' satay sauce

  • Vego w' honey mustard (v)

  • Chickpea and beetroot w' tahini dip (v)

  • Lamb w' tzatziki

  • Italian beef w' sazzy tomato sauce

Miscellaneous: 2 Per Person
  • Selection of bitesized savouries and sausage rolls 

  • Mussel wrapped in streaky bacon (gf)

  • Potato rosti w' mushroom and capsicum, w' tomato pesto (v)(gf)

  • Smoked salmon blini w' dill and lime cream cheese and beetroot relish

  • Cucumber rounds w' cream cheese & corn relish OR s/d tomato pesto (v)(gf)

  • Cucumber rounds w' lemon and herb cream cheese w' smoked salmon (gf)

  • Thai fish cakes w' chilli cream cheese and diced cucumber (gf)

  • Chicken and pineapple skewers (gf)

  • Coconut prawns w' thai mango dipping sauce

  • Tomato, feta & pesto on a mini scone (v)

  • Steamed dumplings w' dipping sauce

  • Devilled eggs

Miscellaneous: 1 Per Person
  • Moroccan lamb cigars w' minted yoghurt sauce

  • Mini Yorkshire pudding w' rare roast beef and horseradish cream

  • Prawn coctail on a spoon w' avocado salsa and lime mayo (gf)

  • Antipasto in a shot glass

  • Vege sticks w' dip in individual pots

Sweet Selection
  • Scones with jam and cream, truffles, cream puffs, eclairs, cookies, assorted slice


Or Just tell us what you would like.

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